January 13, 2012

Half a Lone Star

Half of a Lone Star
Is half a Lone Star a really Lonely Star?  Honestly, I don't see how it could be as I've been working at sewing my strips together steadily.  So here we are at the halfway point of my Lone Star.  As I will likely be creating a secondary design on my background fabrics; half way is a bit misleading, but I'm going to take it and enjoy it.  Look half my star!!!

At this point I am loving the way the brown and teal fabric is running around as the final "circle".  What do you think?  Anything you're liking?

Now for my confession as a serial blogger, I'd like to announce I have created over 700 posts since I started blogging in 2008.  Therefore, I am on my last 6 MG of free blogger space.  When I mentioned it to DH he miss understood at first.  Yes, I said 6 mere megabytes.  I remember when a kb would get you an email, but those days are gone.  I explained that I can have 20 GB of additional space for $5 a year.  For me that means my little hobby will suddenly be costing me money, abet not much but all the same...  DH thought it was no big deal and said I should have told him sooner (aka before I deleted my two test sites to go from 3 MG avail, to 6 MG).  Do you have any thoughts?  Have you maxed out your available free space?  Have you given it any thought?


QuiltSue said...

Your "almost Star" looks great. I too love the dark final circle.

As for the blog space thing, I think I read somewhere that you could go back and delete photos from earlier posts, or even delete entire posts. How about copying your early posts to a Word document for yourself and then deleting them from the blog?

Jayne said...

It's looking awesome! So thrilled with your color choices! I am a huge sucker for that wonderful blue. You are going great guns on this! Go, girl, go!!

MaksiTaksi said...

I love this half lone star. Beautiful colors. You did a great job on this one!