July 06, 2009

Check up and Check in

Today was annual checkup time for Sunny and Tiny. I've been a bit worried about them so it was nice to hear how great they are. Sometimes I think my cats must be charmers to become divining rods for compliments. Or maybe that's part of the vets job? I don't know they see so many animals. I did in fact ask my sister if she knew of any "ugly" cats and she is certain that there are such things. I've never met one myself.

For a while now Sunny has had his own trading card over at Blue Buffalo. The makers of our cat food. Feel free to head over there and check him out.

Earlier this evening my daughter told me "Sunny went poop!" Followed quickly by "we need to bag it up and take it to the vet!" The things children say sometimes. It cracks me up.

Today was in fact a hard day for Jessica. She missed Kitty very deeply today, and I even though I try my best to love and support her, I feel like sometimes it isn't enough.

Tonight I am watching out the window at my "special needs" Cardinal. Perhaps some of you remember her. The cardinal with only one leg that visits my bird feeder quite frequently. Tonight I can't help but worry a little about her. She is curled up in the bottom "bowl" of the feeder. She's been sitting there for about 10 minutes, and now it's past 8pm. I hope all is well with her as watching her visit everyday brings joy to my days. Since those first visits we've learned a bit more about her. She does have two legs, but one has no "toes" at all and she seems to like to keep it out behind her to keep it from being banged around. Ahhh hark, the Cardinal has flown. It's so nice to see her depart this evening. I'll be looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow. Perhaps she too just needed a quiet moment. Feel free to read more about her and see a few photos here.


stitchinpenny said...

I too am a cat person and we only have one right now inside. We did have an ugly cat that lived outside for a while. Our neighborhood was being overrun so my husbamd captured 2 litters of kittens and and 2 moms - the ugly cat was a mom that he cpuldn'y capture. They are all fixed now all 9 at that time and we brought them home and released them. We are down to 4 with some disa[[ering and some dying/ Our inside cat was captured a year earlier with 3 siblings and those were young enough to tame and turn into pets and they were all fixed and adopted out. We haven't had loads of kittens being born just to die so we are happy. We try to krrp them healthy by feeding them. Sorry for the long response. It was supposed to just tell you there are ugly cats, but the ugly one to whom I referred was the sweetest stray you would ever hope to meet.

Heather Landry said...

I had to laugh at Jessica yelling at you to bag up the poop to bring to the vet. LOL I don't think there are any ugly cats either. I KNOW all of your cats are gorgeous. Sunny is my personal favorite, but don't tell the other cats!