July 10, 2009

The back for the Holiday Row Robin quilt is all finished up. I thought I was shorter on fabric than I really was so I'm going to redo the blue border fabrics at the top and the bottom to better match, as I'm 100% sure I can't stand to watch that teal "jump" every year during the holidays.

I haven't bought clothes in a long time, just a new top here or there. Since my accident in 2001 it's difficult for me to try things on, as you constantly have to sit, stand, and wiggle around. I dug out my cloth tape i.e. the sewing tape measure that bends and measured, letting measurements do the talking. Then I went to the website where I wanted to order my clothes, and ordered the size that the inches told me to. Now I hate those numbers. They seem so awful, not to mention women's sizes have three different departments. Who dreamed that one up? Shoot I'd rather be like the men's department and only have one place in the store I need to check for my size, but that could just be my disability complaining.

So anyway, with a deep breath I went clothes shopping online. I was so excited by have a few new things the silly size number didn't matter anyway. The days go by and I wait and wait, insult is added to my waiting because of the 4th, but no matter, I can't wait.

The clothes arrived yesterday. Yes siree, they did. All of them are way to big. Huge is perhaps an understatement for most of them. One pair of pants comes close, but DH would have to add a "hole" to the belt so I can cinch it down enough, to keep the pants where they belong. I was a mess over it. What a disaster. I feel so bad for anyone else that might have thought they could trust their tape measure.

So Rob arrives home shortly after I tried on everything in the box. After a few minutes he tells me, "at least you know those clothes are all to big". Right. Is that truly supposed to help me? Awwgee, sure I'm glad their not to tiny, but I was so looking forward to having them fit.

The Special little Lady Cardinal is here this morning. I bet she's glad she doesn't have to stand and try on clothes.


Shelly said...

Beautiful work as always! I just love how your quilts are just as eye pleasing on the back as they are on the front.

I think your right about the womens clothing, one department would be the best thing since sliced bread!

stitchinpenny said...

I am sorry that trying n clothes is such an ordeal. Find somewhere online that you like and find a size that fits and stick with it. About 1/3 of the clothes will fit correctly some will be close enough and the rest will have to go back, but it is still easier than braving the fitting rooms. I have a friend that shops from 2 sites online and that is her general experience. Don't get too frustrated to try again because sometimes you just need new clothes.