July 30, 2009

Lady Bird

Lady Bird Mom is on the Left and Baby is on the Right.
Darling little bird. For the past two weeks we have been watching our Lady Bird Mom, Dad, and their little baby bird. It is a joy watching this family as I feel the constutition and fortitue this bird has is a testament to life and one being's will to live. I believe the baby bird is a girl as it is the brownest baby cardinal visiting us. Not a touch of red on her entire body.

Often people who have known me for a little while, long enough they call themselves more than aquantiances, but still haven't known me long say things like "how great I am that I don't let my disability get me down." or that "You're my hero for all that you've done and do." I feel comments are made and are a misinterputation of who I really am. Trust me, mircle that I'm a live or not, I am one person. I do not feel I am a hero. Heroism is deep strength used to the benefit of a person or community. At least that is what it is to me. All I did was live and survive. That is what every other living thing would try to do, yes even my dear sweet handicapped Cardinal, inspite of her missing foot she continues on. Living each day the best she can.

Sometimes our best isn't enough to clean the house, or get to the laundry. But if it is enough to raise our offspring, then it's enough.


Shelly said...

I think your selling yourself short. You ARE a hero. I wish I could keep up with you.

Heather Landry said...

I don't know dude... I think you're pretty awesome personally! What a sweet photo and story about your pretty birds.