June 18, 2009

UnPlanned Clean?

Is there even such a thing? Well today at my house there is. I started by putting away two chairs from the kitchen table, but before I could do that I felt like I had to clean under the table, and so it went. Interestingly everything in my house is clean except the top of the table. Yep, strange I know. Of course that's where I sew so maybe that's part of it.

Currently I have two pairs (or is it three?) of my sister's pants eagarly awaiting repairs. I tell you what - maybe it's just me, but I find stretch denim to be more likely to spring holes. And we wont bother to explain why it's a pain to repair, I think that goes without saying.

One of the holes is just a straight line running with the line of the fabric. I think I'll just satin stitch that one up and cover it with a patch instead of embroidering on it. That way it wont wear and rub annoyingly on her knee. As for the rest, I'll think about them later.

We have a new air conditioner! I'm so glad, I can't even begin to tell you how rough it's been with heat indexes over 100, not to mention record breaking temps.

Jessica seems to be dealing with the loss of Kitty pretty well. I wont pretend to know what goes on in her smart little brain, so we're taking it one day at a time. Yesterday was not a good day for me, but "my momma told me there'd be days like that".

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Heather said...

I am so very glad that you got your new air conditioner!!! I know it's been ridiculously hot here so I can't even imagine.

I'm still so sorry about Kitty. I have been thinking about you all.

I still am not able to read the top portions of your post. The blog header comes down and blocks off a huge portion of it.