June 29, 2009

He's the man

Father's day was nice and peaceful. Jessica really looked forward to it this year. Yes those are her real hand prints. I took the paper and hung it on the wall after it was done being the wrapping paper. As Rob walked past it, he made a comment about how much her hands have grown. And he's exactly right. Children grow up so fast. These have taken me a while to post as as first Jessica was sick. Then I lost the hub to download photos with, and now I'm sick. The fun just keeps on coming. Sunny has not been sleeping well since Kitty's passing, and I've worried about that. Here he is dozing on the 2" ledge above the ac in our bedroom. Rob took the hint and made him a nice shelf, so he might perch there more easily (and perhaps even allow himself to sleep a bit more). Both Sunny and Tiny have a vet check lined up for next week. Hopefully our yearly visit will come back just fine.

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Heather Landry said...

I am so very sorry about everyone getting sick on and off. I'm so glad that Rob loved his quilt even though Jessica almost slipped and told him. The hand print wrapping paper was the perfect touch. How sweet of Rob to make Sunny a shelf to sleep on. I hope the vet check comes back perfect!