June 04, 2009

Tip Toe Through the Apples

I have made nice progress on the Apple Quilt, just two more seams and the entire top will be done. Check back for those photos.

Yesterday I stopped by the Salvation Army as yet another coffee pot has found it's demise. I didn't find any coffee pots, but it was half off clothing Wednesdays so they were packed. I do accept hand-me-downs for Jessica. I was surprised to find some clothes of great quality and even Name Brands. I picked up three pairs of long pants (two beautifully embroidered), three Land's End shorts for school, with four matching tops. Oh and one purple sweatshirt that was to cute to pass up.

I also found one pair of size 8 (aka 5mm) bamboo knitting needles (50 cents). I was out the door with all my purchases for $10 and change. I washed it and Jessica helped me fold it and put it away. She's thrilled with the things I purchased so who could ask for anything more?

As with all second hand purchases, remember to check for holes, stains, and that all the zippers and buttons are attached and functioning. My own mother, who I love dearly that I very doubt has ever bought any clothes that weren't for "working in the field", even commented that some of the items I'd purchased looked nice enough for to be "first day of school" clothes.

I know, I know normally I'd have photos of everything, but my leg still hasn't recovered from the stress the past couple of weeks.


Shelly said...

I can't wait to see the Apple top done! It's so exciting.

I never find anything good at the thrift stores. Glad you have a good one there.

Amber Johnson said...

I love the Goodwill and Salvation Army for the cheap finds! My Mom had a radar that we called the "bargain detector". Everytime we'd pass a thrift store, she'd sense we had to go in, and viola! There was something in there that we needed or wanted that was cheap! (and usually in good working order to boot!)

I love the Apple Quilt idea. It's so cute! One of these days I'm going to get myself an embroidery machine, and do something cute like that! :-)

I got the quilt top from you yesterday, safe and sound. I'll be thinking on this one, because it's so pretty I want to do it justice...lol :-)

stitchinpenny said...

Your husband gets a quilt and mine gets a pillowcase for his body pillow. I think I need to keep my husband away from yours or he'll figure out he was robbed.

Thanks for asking about my doctor's appointment. It went well. I said I am no better and no worse and he said as long as that is the case just keep going as the only other option is dangerous surgery. I have motsly good days so I'll just keep smiling.

Hope your leg gets better.

Heather said...

I can't wait to see the apple quilt! Congrats on your thrift store finds! I recently found a children's consignment store near us and bought brand new Buzz Lightyear Sandals that would've been at least 15 in the store for 2 dollars! He loves them, they light up.