June 05, 2009

Apples and Pirates Oh My!

The apple quilt top is done at last. I used my very first "store bought" Jelly roll for this one, and I used nearly every single bit of it in this quilt. I started with the long cabin blocks with the apple centers, and before I knew it I'd added DH's pirate hankercief (what else would make a man want an apple quilt?) Then came the rest of the apple fabric (which was a dream to work with). I added the black with the diagonal fabrics to set off the map (ran clean out of the black DH had just purchased earlier that day!). The braid is noticeable on all sides, those I made after the apple blocks and where my first braids. The 8 little blocks going in last, and you know how long those took me. You can sort of see them there near Jessica in the upper left and right corners (click the image for a bigger photo). Those where made using the last of the apple fabric as well as two maternity cotton shirts I'd worn when I was pregnant with Jessica.

Two blocks from the end I ran out of fabric and had to come up with something, or take a trip to the fabric store (Eeegads, jk!), well I figured it out and it all went together like a dream - eventually (except the two blocks I had to seam rip out because I put them in upside down!)

I had wanted to make this a nice heavy quilt for the winter months, but now that I see it spread on the bed I can't help but think how nice and "autumn" it looks. Perhaps a medium weight is the way to go.

This quilt was a challenge for me firstly because I don't much care for log cabins, log cabins give me fits for some dumb unknown reason, and secondly because of the colors. DH bought Moda's Portugal Jelly Roll for my birthday last September and I let the quilt spring from those. Fabric limitations, because I had never worked in this color scheme made this quilt be slow going. I started this quilt in February. Shortly after I pitched in to help Judy with her International Round Robin. Missi's center used just a bit of fabric from the roll and I thought it was high time I put it to use on something for me. Funny how something DH gave me I'm giving back to him. Here is the quilt as it hangs off the bed. The log cabin blocks diamond out from the center with the dark side of the block making the diamond.

This is the second time only that I've worked with Moda, the material flows through your fingers and it's a nice feeling. Almost spoiling, but I do love my scraps. In fact the blue demin embroidery blocks are from the very curtains that hang in my bedroom window. In a different house the curtains were for a sliding glass door. When I started quilting last year I eventually repurposed the curtains by cutting off the unrequired yardage, and there it is in a quilt. What a nice surprise they will match my curtains so well.
Sure is a big belly on this guy, he must have just eaten a bug.

Yesterday I felt bad about all the posts with no photos. I looked out my window and saw this big guy and had to show him to you. My Papa aka my Grandfather would call this a Mr. Friendly, when Papa would talk about more than one he'd even call them Mr. Friendlys. My Papa is the epitome of quiet strength. I always keep things my Grandmother enjoyed close to me, I grow Orchids for example, because she loved them. Grandma's Orchids were always beautiful, but I know they were kept that way because my Papa took such good care of them, just like he took good care of her. While 17 years her elder, she was an established business person when they met. She was a seamstress and ran her own shop. They met at a bowling alley and it was love from then on. I have the photo of their silver wedding anniversary at the Kapok Tree hanging on my wall and I look there first when I need strength or guidance. To have known them, to have been loved by them in the most wonderful unconditional way is truly a wonderful thing.


Amber Johnson said...

How pretty! You're so talented!

Heather said...

That quilt is gorgeous! I know Rob will love it. That lizard sure looks full. I really loved reading about your grandparents. They sound a lot like mine.

Shelly said...

I think there will be alot of cuddling under that quilt!