June 22, 2009

Sickin' Allergies

Yesterday Jessica was running a fever, so we had a "mommy hold me" afternoon on the couch. She can be so cuddly sometimes. Of course today she is off to the races again, picking flowers and playing dress up with a pair of "pretend" glasses that she has.

I thought I was coming down with it to, runny itchy nose, etc. So this afternoon when I cleaned up the kitchen a bit (you know how all that can fall by the wayside when you don't feel 100%) I found a glass of chocolate milk. Yep warm. EEWWWW. There is nothing I am more allergic to than milk gone bad. As a child I couldn't even have pizza or ice cream, but as an adult the allergy has settled into an extreme sensitivity to all "turning" and spoiled milk products. The smell alone will chase me down like a pack of wild lions. So turns out I wasn't sick at all. Just as soon as I'd finished cleaning up the kitchen I was right as rain again.

Father's day was good. Jessica was so excited this year. I used a sponge brush to brush tempera paint on her hands which she patted all over the paper we wrapped the quilt in. In my dreams my husband is a man of many words, in reality not so much. So he said what he always says about my quilts "looks good".

In complete contrast, the other week my cousin was shown all around my sewing area by my DH when I wasn't home. Later she told me how proud he is of all that I do and all that I create.

My sewing machine is okay, but of course the embroidery unit is awaiting a visit to the repair guy. Since today seemed like a cluster of bitter grapes I decided to put it off till tomorrow. After all maybe tomorrow will be a bed of roses.


Anonymous said...

Poor girl! Both of you. Men and quilts are funny. Michael never gives me grand compliments either. He'll say yeah that's really pretty or something like that but then I notice he hates to see them leave the house too. Anything I go to giveaway he gets a little upset over seeing go. Hope your baby is doing better. I struggle when my kitchen is dirty too.

Heather said...

I swear that sounds like Ronnie. "Nice page" is what I get to most of my layouts. I'm sure he LOVED it. Even if he didn't gush over it. I hope Jessica feels better soon!