June 14, 2009

The Tucker went out of my Ticker Day Parade

I wasn't going to post tonight, as I didn't really feel in the mood, but it was so pleasant to drop in on stitchinpenny tonight that I felt perhaps a wrap up on the day might be just the ticket.

Today I finished up the two rows for Amber's quilt. I haven't decided if I will post photos ahead or wait until Amber tells me it's safe in her hands and she likes it. I know I'm such a sucker for a surprise. It's the last of my commitment to the large group and it does fill me with a bit of peace to have it done. The finished size is supposed to be 84"X84" I haven't measured it, but it's big, and heavy and did I mention hot?

With no air conditioning here in Central FL we've been cooking, I have no doubt it was over 95 in my house today (but I didn't dare check that thermostat for fear the sight of it would make me melt!) I can not wait until we replace the air conditioner. I tell you what there is a reason why some people only quilt in the winter time.

I am not so well, I pushed myself to hard today and my foot is furious. My heart is most especially heavy when I am alone. The sun has mostly set and the noises of the night can be heard through the open window, but I haven't turned on the light. It's hard to turn and know that Kitty isn't there, that I wont hear her voice again hollering for dinner. I have never buried a pet that I have loved so long before. I keep seeing her over and over in my mind as she was after she past and I have to remind myself that wasn't my gal.

I once heard somewhere that our pets look like us, and when I had Kitty in to the vets office before Christmas last year I was sitting on the bench looking at everyone and thinking how true that was. The woman with perfectly shaped brown hair with a dog just the same, a huge burly man with a Husky larger than I'd ever seen before. Our three furred friends include the proud regal looking Sunny with a tender heart. Our long and lean 8 pound Tiny, beautiful finely boned. Then we had kitty 18 pounds at last check. She's the one that looked like me and now that she's gone I can't help but realize how very much the same she and I were. It's as though there is a hollow spot not even tears can fill up.

Love your family and hold them close, be they furred, feathered, or skinned because none of us know what the future holds.


Shelly said...

You take it easy and let your foot calm down. Hopefully it won't be mad at you long.

I'm sure Kitty is with you in spirit. Try not to think of what was left after she went to the rainbow bridge. Her soul is at peace and waiting for the days when her family will join her. She is taken care of until you get there.

Heather said...

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss Liz. She certainly was a special pet. I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Aunt Spicy said...

Bless your heart! I sure hope things have picked up for you and the air conditioning has bee fixed! Can't wait to see the quilt!