November 04, 2012

October's NewFO's

Time to wrap up October.  This group isn't about finishing anything.  It's about starting new projects.  Though I do like to tack a finish or two into each month so my studio doesn't end up flooded with UFO's.  Thanks to our generous hostess Barbara at Cat Patches you can win a quilter's pin for listing the projects you started this month along with us.

Firstly the dog dresses.  I made 20 in October, I became enamored with the concept of making 27, like the movie with Katherine Heigl, though obviously different.  While I didn't make it to 27, I do have a new customer that I will begin making dog dresses for her two dogs this month, so I am very excited about that.  New to my collection this month is a serger which so far seems to be a big help to my sewing.

I also made a diaper stacker for my new niece who was born at the end of October.  According to her mom it's prettier in person, with lots of glitter.  Can you tell her theme is butterflies?

I also made quilter's pincushions, which I gave away when I was hostess for this months CQAL.  Both of my winners have already received their cushions in the mail so I'm sure they've been stabbing them as they deem appropriate.  I also made one for me, but I haven't started using it yet.  I need to add Velcro so it can sew around on my midarm when I quilt.

Last but not least, while I'm sure many of you made your children's Halloween Costumes, or perhaps you did in the past, DD picked a store bought one this year.  I happily added a little black pocket for her to keep her Vampire Fangs in when not in use.  DD's favorite holiday is Halloween, so I spent some time shopping this month for a future NewFO buying fabrics for a Halloween Quilt for her.  Only the prettiest most friendly fabrics will do as I'm certain you understand.

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween!

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