November 07, 2012

Connecting Threads Wist List Giveaway

Yes they are at it again, the Connecting Threads Christmas Wish List Giveaway.  You should go and enter.  Even if you've just been eyeballing a new cutting mat, or would adore an entirely new studio.  Keep in mind the winner gets a $50 gift card, and who couldn't use a little of that this Christmas?

Want to peak at my wist list?  Well here it is.  Just keep in mind that I had a hard time restraining myself.  I'm actually very interested in their laminated fabrics as I recently decided that my Grandmother's Sunbeam Mixer should live on my kitchen counter.  The cover is an old 1970's sad quilted laminate.  I'm sure you'd know the pattern.  Yellow, and Orange with Garlic on it.  Personally I'd like to remake it with their Pitter Patter Laminate.  Then there could be fluffy cloud curtains for the window - and oh I could tie in their Mirage  Patriot Blue...  Wouldn't that be wonderful?


stitchinpenny said...

I want to see that new mixer cover - good luck on the giveaway!

QuiltSue said...

Can you add something to your list? That they ship to the UK. They have some great fabrics and threads etc at fantastic prices, but they won't let me have them!!