November 21, 2012

Lilly's Garden Quilt Races to be a Flismy

Lilly's Garden Quilt Flimsy
nearly finished
Lilly's Garden Quilt is really coming along.  As I mentioned it was delivered yesterday (along with some glowing compliments on what I've done so far.    I have run working on it ever since.  I worked on it yesterday until about 15 minutes to midnight, before it let me have my peace to call it a night.

DH took the pictures and this image on the left which I thought was perfect, he cut off the bottom. Then the one on the bottom he cut off the sides, but we'll let him squeak by about it this time.

Lilly's Garden Quilt Flimsy Second View
Right now I'm thinking a slender branch of Wisteria coming off the end of the branch and into the background space a bit more is in order, as well as the big calla all the way on the bottom right, I have quilt a long stem for that which I didn't cut off.  I'll plan to run that up a bit more to make it taller.  What else do you see?  Any thoughts?  Now if you're wondering where this is going I've added a thumbnail of the quilt at the bottom so you can see.  I need to add a long strip of the dark blue to each side.  Then around that will be the piano key boarder that I've been looking forward to (with occasional dread) and it will be all ready for quilting.

Lilly's Garden Quilt
Mock Up

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QuiltSue said...

I think it's looking really great, but I do agree, you need something running into the blue background a bit. How about a tall lily on the left, and a long trail of wisteria coming down on the right? Or maybe you could quilt the wisteria shape and the lily shape using some super shimmery, shiny quilting threads? Or how about I just shut up?