May 03, 2012

4 Glow Arcs for Lone Star

4 Radiant Glows for Lone Star Quilt
My Lone Star isn't feeling lonely with the four Radiantly Glowing Arcs that I have completed.  Now that's halfway!  The going seemed really slow there for a while, but I've figured out a trick, pinning from the "pretty side" and double check alignment, instead of what all my research said.  Pinning from the pretty side some how allows to me to have a much better idea of where my fabric is and how it will lay, resulting in much less un-sewing on my last block.

This Saturday is our Lone Star Support Group Quilt-a-long and I'm looking forward to being able to say "I made progress this month".  DH will need to trace more of these extra large paper piecing patterns for me before I can continue, therefore my plan is to get to work sewing the arcs on these.  Then I'll be able to say I'm halfway done with this part.  Can you tell I will be thrilled when I can say that??

What have you been working on?  Anything not related to paper piecing I'm happy to hear about.  Oh unless you want to tell me you also have had issues with paper piecing, then you too can leave a comment.


Vicki said...

I love your glow arcs, they look amazing. I always describe paper piecing as akin to sewing backwards. It can be a challenge at times but I will tell you the end result usually is stunning. Keep up the great work, it will be worth it.

QuiltSue said...

You may think you're struggling with paper piecing, but honestly, they look stunning.