May 12, 2012

Christmas Quilt-a-long Year 3 May Evening Check-In

Good Evening.  Who here wants a nightcap?  I personally finished a Mudslide with dinner, DH had a craving for Spanish food so I was able to try something new that was yummy, sorry no leftovers.  As for the Mudslide, it had been in the freezer for several months, so I handed it to DH and told him to "fix it" which of course he did and after he was done I went and "fixed it" some more.

We had a wonderful day out.  My horoscope said I'd been to busy lately, so I should relax and work on something I enjoy this afternoon.  How about that for a surprise?  Considering I hadn't checked my horoscope since the New Year I felt that one was nice to read.

This evening I have all of my HST's made and pressed open.  I will save squaring them to 3.5" for another day, I used Sharon's tip for cutting first instead of drawing the line and I think it did save time, though I'm surely more used to the other method. Now, I'm certain all of you have a large mountain of things that you made today and I know I'm going to have a blissful time in the next two or three days catching up on what I missed out on in blog world today.

Naughty Sue has been having my goat about this Mystery Quilt and my yearning desire to know what it looks like.  I can't help it I plan the quilting while I piece!  Without that to keep my mind busy, instead while I was working on our assignment for this month, I daydreamed about what our quilt might look like and this is the quilt that popped into my head.  This isn't our quilt though because the numbers of what we have don't work with the numbers this quilt takes.  Though maybe if I'm close Sue will tease me some more.  ;-)


Donna said...

Your HSTs look great! Happy quilting.

QuiltSue said...

Ooh, that's an interesting design.

What's a Mudslide though?