May 22, 2012

My May WIP: Jammin Jammiez

Jammin' Jammiez
Okay Normally I would wait to tell you about my new project for May but I just started it this evening and finished it too.  Using leftover flannel I made my daughter new pj's.  Jammin' Jammiez.

This is my own pattern.  I seem to do much better making clothes when I just wing it, and I find not only do I enjoy the process more, I am often much happier with the results both short and long term.  Because I didn't use a pattern that meant I took the measurements off my daughter, while she was feeling impatient with me because she wanted to play on the computer.  I was sure 26" would do it with plenty of wiggle room, but she doesn't feel it's loose enough.  Being sleepwear I'm inclined to agree, so tomorrow I will seam rip off the bodice, adding likely 3" over all (by adding at the side seams of the bodice and resewing the front and back pleats then re-attaching.  It sounds like a big deal but it isn't, and will likely give her a year or more of grow room.
Jammin' Jammiez Back

Oh you should have seen her.  She was delighted, wanting to know if she could pretend it is a dress and wear it to school.  I have never seen her so happy over a blue garment before.  Granted it has been a while since I sewed anything for her.  A year, I think?  Perhaps I need to make a point to hand make something for her every so often.  Oh and the big surprise?  I have enough leftover of the light blue stars to make a simple version for me too.   Then we'll be mom and me sleepers.  Or should I say daughter and me?

Now no worries about the Lone Star, I've been making progress since that border post.  I've have 3 of the last 4 glow blocks fully sewn - and they are completed blocks not just arcs!  As for the 7th there was a little water spill on the completed arc and I had a bit of an issue with the dye in the purple running.  Currently I feel like I have three options.  #1 Just remake the entire glow  #2 Carefully use a bleach pen and last but not least  #3 seam rip out the 3 or 4 offending pieces, cut new ones exactly the same size and replace.

I'm feeling in favor of #2 or #3.  What do you think?


Hazel said...

I don't think it is necessary to do #1, you can try #2 but if you aren't happy with it you have a fall back position in #3 - although I suspect that re-piecing in the middle of arc might need some concentration!

stitchinpenny said...

I think that #3 would be my choice since it is doable and since bleach scares me since it is basically dye in reverse and tends to spread even when I am careful.

QuiltSue said...

She is so cute. Did she wear it for school?

As for your block, my reaction would be to make a new one from scratch. Taking out part of a block and putting in new pieces sounds like it could take quite a while, and I don't like bleach!

Barbara said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!