May 05, 2012

Lone Star Assembly Part 2

Half of Lone Star Flimsy
I have joined half of the Lone Star Quilt!  The pictures were almost better before I sewed them together but I wanted to show it off anyway.  Often when these Lone Stars have rays bursting off they seem to be called Bethlehem Stars.  Clearly the reasoning is obvious.

Below is a picture of my little helper.  When I was pinning she thought it was the best game ever, which I was glad she'd never done that before!  Also she was so eager for this blog post that she jumped from where she was resting to play underneath before I even had this half of a flimsy spread out.  I think it's earning four paws up!

Can you see the birthmark on Tiny's bottom lip?  Both of my kitties have that and both have rings on their tails.  They are both darlings, but what with these pictures I post of Tiny you'd never guess it would you?  I think of Tiny as a man's cat.  She doesn't care about visitors one way or the other, though she will happily find any woman with or without hair product in and make friends.  Gals it's the hair it's not you.  Not to mention she is a real sweetie at bed time happy to cuddle up for pets before leaving you for her own bed.
My Helper


QuiltSue said...

That looks just as wonderful as I thought it would.

Tiny is obviously impressed too!

Jayne Honnold said...

Oh, how impressive! I just love this! I was taken with your choice of colors from the very beginning, and they are not disappointing, are they? It's definitely going to be a stunning quilt when finished!
Well done!

Lynn said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Vicki said...

Simply amazing, can't wait to see the other half completed and joined up with this half. Tiny is so cute showing off to the camera.

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow! That is all I can say, Wow!