May 30, 2012

Who are You?

Last Glow Arc for Lone Star and Paisley Prints Detail
I feel a little bit like Alice and Wonderland tonight with the Lone Star Quilt.  Who might you be?  And truly how deep does this rabbit hole go?  The last time we talked about the Lone Star Quilt, I was stuck with Mr. Runny Dye Arc from a water glass spill.  Sure enough the bleach pen did get rid of Mr. Runny, but also brought along a friend.  We'll call the friend "fade". Yep, that's what happened.  Some of the glows in that block had noticeable fading - okay noticeable to me and DH after I pointed it out.  That isn't the quality of workmanship I put into my quilts, so I made another.

Meet the last glow block; 8 of 8 for the Lone Star Quilt!!!!  Right now you're surely thinking what I'm thinking.  Does this mean the center star is ready to be put together?  Oh YES!  YES! YES YES!  Huzzah!  Who wants to join my putting together party?  We'll have tea for Alice - I suppose that's me.  Who will be the Mad Hatter?  Oh and What about the Dormouse?  Hehehe.  And of course the March Hare and if we're thinking Disney - which I always do, the White Rabbit who can only stay for a second?

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back to see the entire pieced star to be posted right here soon.


QuiltSue said...

Oops, never thought of the fading effect! Still it looks great.

Please can I come to your tea party? I think I'd be the Mad March Hare!

Dana Gaffney said...

I want to come to the tea party and I'll be whoever you like. I can't believe you're finally here, the process has been fascinating to watch. I'm so glad you made a new one, noticeable or not you would always have known it was there and maybe been bothered by it. It's all so beautiful.

stitchinpenny said...

I was afraid of the fading. I hate bleach pens.
I will come to the paty as the Mad Hatter. It fits my crazy!