August 21, 2011

The Quilter's book of Age

What do you do when it's raining so hard that you need to have the computer unplugged?  Well DH and DD curled up and watched Back to the Future II, I know I got a kick out of DD's enjoyment of the movie, surely a good one for all generations.  But rather than settle down and watch with them I snuck off to the sewing room.  Turned on my good 'ole Little mechanical Elna and the iron and set to work creating the folded border for Scatty Stars.

Now I knew when I saw the quilt of Scatty Stars, that I would most likely deviate at the borders, though this is a little earlier than I'd planned.  Currently I have the folded border attached, but it's only 1/8th seam so I'm not going to unfold and spread it out for you.  Next I'm thinking I will add a 2.5" border of the pink flannel and then the front should be done.  I did find my tape measure, DD seems to be whisking it away at odd moments and the quilt is currently 67x52.5.  A 2" sewn in border would bring me up to 71"x56.5" and that seems plenty big enough for this quilt.

I'm really looking forward to getting started on the back for this quilt.  I'm thinking good sized blocks of the novelty flannel from the front.  Not sure what size though.  12" seems a bit big but 3" is much to small.  Any thoughts?  I'm wondering if I should let the size of the blocks on the back let the math work itself out to work with the front size measurements.  Time will tell.

I've really been enjoying visiting all the blogs in the pet's on quilts show.  Yesterday I was doing pretty good when all of the sudden an awful headache hit me.  Later when it started raining - aka pouring I knew the headache was from that and would leave soon.  I am much to young to be feeling the weather like that.  So it says here in my quilter's book of age.


stitchinpenny said...

You are so brave with the 1/8 inche seam. I would panic in fear that it moved somewhere and didn't catch. It is beautiful. Sorry about the headache, but glad it was just a weather headache and passed with the front.

QuiltSue said...

1/8" seam?? Eeekkk, I'd never be brave enough. As for the backing, I'd sort of let the amount of fabric you have dictate the size of pieces you cut, if you see what I mean?