August 28, 2011

Back Flimsy Finished for Scatty Stars

After much deliberation and should have checked twice math ordeals, such as counting the number of pink monkey squares in the purple and monkey border, and then saying but half is one color and half is another so I only need to cut 15 of each, instead of 30 of each.  Or how the quilt oddly grew a single inch in both directions after I figured out that border and had it all pieced.  I'm glad to say the Scatty Stars quilt back is all finished.  I do like the way the gradient of pink tones show through the borders of color.  The dark pink on the outside will also be the binding for this as well as the baby clothes memory quilt I have in the quilt frame right now.
So here it is a detail of the borders as well as both the top and bottom flimsies folded together.  This is sure to be one cuddly quilt when I've quilted it.  As I was thinking about the quilting last night when DD and I shared dinner together, DD told me I should quilt Zinnia's on it.  DD and DH planted some Zinnias last week and they have come up with a passion.  I'm not sure how to freemotion Zinnias in a way that will give me the all over panto feel I was wanting for this quilt.  I did think that I could quilt Zinnias into the rail fence blocks as though they are blooms, but I'm concerned to much quilting dense quilting such as the Zinnia flowers would cause the quilt to loose some of it's cuddle factor.  I always worry about that a little, and of course I love the finished project but standing here I'm just not sure how to proceed.  I have some time to think about it as I need to finish the Baby Clothes Quilt before anything else can go on the frame.
It's the last day of the weekend but it feels like the first.  Constant bursts of heat lightning kept me awake past when I would have normally gone to sleep.  Heat lightning is wonderful amazing even, when you're 20 and on a date, but when you're trying to sleep and keep seeing flashes through your eye lids it's less than desirable.

Hurricane Irene has made landfall and as her feeder bands have been splashing rain on and off I'm inclined to say the heat lightning is a byproduct of her mess.  I am very grateful that all my loved ones are safe and sound while my heart goes out to those others who have lost theirs in this awful time of need.  Those of us that have lived through Hurricanes and come out the other side a bit more broken than we would have liked - our thoughts and prayers are with you.


stitchinpenny said...

The back turned out great and I really love the purple and pink monkeys border.

Vicki said...

Great work on the back, this will be a great soft and cuddly quilt.

Hazel said...

Good grief - I turn my back for one minute, and look what you've come up with for Scatty Stars! That pieced back is just AMAZING - this will be a truly reversible quilt!

Can't wait to see how you are going to quilt this - but if DD suggests zinnias for the reason that she planted some with her dad last week that gives a memory to attach to this quilt, so I'd give it a whirl! I have every faith that if you mull it over long enough, A Plan will present itself to you!

Barb said...

I am bad at math...but I love our quilt!

Connie said...

What a beautiful pieced backing! Double the quilt!

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