August 23, 2011

The Beginnings of Scatty Star's Backing

The backing for Scatty Stars is all the flannels that I used on the front.  So lots of happy novelty prints in pinks and then some of the solid blue and pink from the front.  I made the center of the back proportional to the finished size of the front, that way I can just keep bordering this out until it grows to the size I need it to be.

Currently the center is puppy dogs with rubber duckies, hearts, and bones, followed by a blue border, and next kitty cats in various states of sleep and dress.

When I was taken the picture of this I thought you might like to see these cats and dogs in better detail, so I took a second picture just for you to see.  I think my next border will be one of the solid pink, but I'll have to sleep on it.


stitchinpenny said...

Love the novelty prints. Who is this quilt being made for?(Excuse the grammar) Pink sort of mimics the front.

Vicki said...

I like the nice simple design to show of those cute prints. Looks like it will be a cosy quilt once finished.

QuiltSue said...

This is going to be a two for the price of one quilt. It'll be wonderfully soft and cuddly all made of flannels.