August 13, 2011

Christmas Quilt-a-Long Year 2 August AM

Tiny Showing off July's Blocks
Good Morning, Good Morning Fellow Christmas Quilt-a-longers!  I have a confession and that is this past month has been so busy I only just finished July's BOM yesterday.  I know I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, if only because that's so much more behind than I've been in past months.  The good news is that I'm all caught up for today, and today of all days is a big one, I hear there are 20 rail fence blocks on the slate for today!  Both Sue and Cathi seem to be up to their ears in things to work on.  I'm planning on taking things simply (before I knew about the 20 blocks I need for today).  So we'll see how everything goes as the day progresses wont we?  I hope everyone has a great day of quilting.

My 12 Blocks Awaiting their Rail Fence Offset Blocks


QuiltSue said...

Yes, there are 20, but they're a breeze to make - honest! Your stars look wonderful in the prurple/pink colours.

Have a great day.

Shakerwood said...

Ditto what Sue said. They take no time at all. Faster than the star blocks.