April 14, 2011

Welcome To My Sewing Room

Welcome to my Sewing Room
Oh Please Come in!  I've waited so long to have you for a visit that I'd gotten a little shy of your arrival!  I'm so glad your here.  Please it's a small room, so you go first.  Yes, there right in front you see the cornerstone any sewing space - the cabinet I keep my fabric in.  Yes old friends are there, along with any WIPs that are awaiting a shopping trip.  It's early so I'm still on my first and only cup of coffee.  Par-chance do you see the mug rug on the table?  Sue made that for me for Christmas.  And there in the cabinet that beautiful pile of blue fabrics, middle shelf next to the Snake Quilt?  That was a special sewing room gift warming from my friend Vicki.  The top shelf is a jumble because I put all of my non quilting fabrics up there when I reorganized everything.

As you can see DH insisted I take the computer when I moved out of the kitchen.  He claimed my new kitchen table is much to small for a computer too.  So I took another table, this time from the living room.  It was made long ago perhaps before I was born as a shop table for my Grandfather's workshop, how fitting it is in my sewing room now!

Everything has a place, sort of...
Beyond the bright streaming sunlight, it seems like I have everything organized.  Books, finished quilts, and notions.  The only new addition is the wooden chest my DH made, yes it's a tool/tackle box, but isn't it nicer to say it's a chest in a sewing room?  Perhaps I should call it my sewing box.  Remember those tiny little boxes women were expected to keep ALL of their sewing notions in?  Tell me who came up with the silly idea that sewing notions could ever be put away?  They still make those little boxes by the way.  Some are quite pretty.  I've long since given up looking at them.  After all I don't have anything small enough to put in them!

Please take a seat at my Sewing Machine
Now for my prize, my delight and joy.  The old kitchen table.  DH wanted to finish the top before he'd let me have it for myself, but I stood firm.  We have never finished the top of this table, because Sunny is clumsy and digs in with his claws to catch himself when he falls, so every indention, ripple and grove has meaning.  When I'm not sure where to go with a project I just rub my hands over the growth rings and the answer is there, under my fingertips.  It might sound like a line but it's really more like magic.

Tiny loves the Sewing Room
Patisserie is in the machine right now.  Fighting me every step of the way of course.  Perhaps you'd like to sit down and have a go at it?  I'm certain I recall free motion quilting being easier last time, but no worries I'll quilt it.  I'm guessing I'm beyond 1/3 but not halfway done.  Are you missing Tiny?  Well she loves this room.  She was just hiding from the vacuum, I ran in honor of your visit, see?  She's right here.  For whatever reason it seems to be about 10 degrees cooler in here than the rest of the house, not to mention it's nice and quiet.  Of course my issue with her welcome presence is that sometimes I avoid sewing to let her sleep.  Shhh, don't tell or the quilt police will be after me!  Doesn't she look so peaceful?  Okay you're right she looks a little mad, but that's because I kept waiting for her to close settle before I took the picture.  I know a dog person would say "scat" but then you wouldn't have any more furry help and only yourself to blame.
My Meerkats in the Window
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!  The Meerkats will watch you leave and we hope you'll visit again soon.


stitchinpenny said...

your sewing room is about the same size as the one I use. I think you have used the space well. Good luck on the free motion quilting. I am still avoiding quilting my big project, I will have it a little easier because of the frame. Good thoughts on the rest of your quilting.

QuiltSue said...

What a great sewing room you have. thanks so much for inviting us in to have a look round. I'm sure you're going to be very happy in there. I love the meerkats too.

Vicki said...

Thanks for the lovely visit, your sewing room is so nice and cosy. Looks like you pretty much have everything at your finger tips.

Too cute with Tiny sleeping on the quilt that you are trying to work on. I'm so familiar with that behaviour, Jordie likes to help as well when I'm sewing, or cutting. Fergie prefers to supervise unless the fabric boxes come out then she's right there trying to get inside.

Enjoy your sewing room.

Heather Landry said...

Your sewing room is beautiful. I especially like the cat decoration on your quilt in progress! What? It's not a decoration? I just thought it was really life like. LOL I love the Meerkats. They sure do get around.