April 28, 2011

Tropical Waves: Front Center

Tropical Waves Details
Yesterday was a mess of events and to be rather honest I'm surprised I finished this top, I didn't have the extra strips to remake the rest of the blocks so I finished unpicking those that I'd made.  LOL and that was just the beginning of my unpicking, but that's okay here it is.

Right now the quilt measures 41" x 80"  so borders are a must to make this into a nice sized twin, what comes to mind for you?  I don't have any of the Mermaid fabric left, but I do have all of the others.  This pattern was more than generous with some of my requirements.  I noticed that if it required me to cut the 2.5" size I was told almost double what I'd need, but if I needed more like a 6.5" the extra was very little or 10.5" measurement with it's non existent extra. I suppose those that write patterns constantly struggle with this, but had I bought the fabric solely for this quilt I'd be in a snit over my extras right now.  Instead I'm happily exploring my border options with you, while daydreaming about the back.

Country Lanes - Tropical Waves
My friend Heather is back to her regular self expression questions, and I've been choosing to post my replies over on her blog.  But this one I thought you might get a kick out of.
What little thing makes you crazy?  For me it's a quilt hanging on the floor.  I want to make a quilt big enough that it covers whomever is in the bed, but I don't want it on the floor.  My DD loves to play in my bed so the covers are constantly -even on a made bed- are always at war with gravity.  I mostly pretend not to notice, but some of my more generous quilts end up sitting with square feet of quilt resting on the floor.  That makes me a little crazy.  After all if I wanted to spend that much time making something to sit on the floor I would have made a rug, instead I made a quilt - that should rest on the bed.  So that's my silly little thing.  What about you?  Do you have one?


Heather Landry said...

Well I don't think that's silly at all. I have a thing where I don't want MY comforter touching the floor either and it isn't something I spent time and money making. I think it's totally reasonable!

I love, love, LOVE the colors in the new quilt. Sorry about the pattern/sizing discrepancies but I'm glad you're getting it all worked out.


Vicki said...

Tropical Waves lloks great. When I look at it what calls me for the border is the purple. Do you have enough of it left to make a nice border?

One other thing to consider, would you happen to have any fabric that comes close to the turquoise in the mermaid fabric. If so, consider a small inner border of that, then the purple.

One other option for an inner border would be the other turtle batik, the one with purple turtles on the greeny background.

stitchinpenny said...

I always have trouble when I am making up a quilt getting the amount of fabric correct. I don't use patterns often and usually I don't really follow them if I intend to. I usually try to buy about 1.25 times what I think I will need so I don't have to go back and I am happy to have scraps to make scrappy quilts from.

The thing that bugs me most about quilts I make is that some parents hang them instead of letting the kids use them. I want them used and unlike you I want them cuddled in on the floor and dragged and to build forts. I don't care if the baby spits up on them(one of the "reasons" a mom hung up the quilt I gave her) or if accidents with koolaid happen. I make quilts for a different reason than most. I want them to be loved and I hope on a bad day they bring comfort. My daughter wouldn't let her daughter take her quilt to school to nap with and I was a little upset until 2 days later someone took her backpack home. Grandma brought it back, but ...
I still believe every thing I make is made to be loved. My niece hung her quilt up in the cabin and I wanted it be to for cuddling in front of the fireplace in.