April 17, 2011

Catching Up

What does catching up mean to you?  For me it reminds me of that old telephone prank, "Is your refrigerator running?  Well you better go catch it."  But that never was funny.  What would you need to do to catch up on whatever is making you feel behind?

In my case I was behind on Sue's Scatty Stars Christmas Quilt-a-Long BOM, yes seriously behind.  So yesterday I cut and today I sewed myself right up to date.  I even have a couple of weeks to enjoy being caught up!
Scatty Cats, Dogs, and Monkeys
 So here are all of my stars so far for my Scatty Stars Blocks.  Sensing a theme perhaps?

DD has been a real ham and feeling under the weather lately so I took a couple pictures of her too.  Take care!

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