April 27, 2011

Country Lanes to Tropical Waves

Country Lanes Turned Tropical Waves
I've been working at a steady clip on my Country Lanes Quilt.  I've decided the name is all wrong for this quilt so I think perhaps we will call it Tropical Waves amongst ourselves instead.  I had all the blocks made last night and couldn't resist starting to put everything together, and that's when I realized I'd made 6 blocks wrong.  I thought it was the book's issue, but by the light of day this morning I can see I skipped a part.  It's just two long seams in six 10" blocks so it's not to bad.  So far I've picked out four blocks and I think I have enough fabric to just remake the last two. 
Cross Block Detail
So here's what Tropical Waves looks like now, with that extra row thrown in to show balance.  What do you think?  I took this close up of one of the blocks so you can see.  It's fun working with these bright jewel tones.  Now if the breeze changes direction, I'll have a bit of salty sea air and my tropical quilt!  What do you think about the way the turtles peek out in the crosses?  I like it.  Can you see the little turtle in the background print there at the very center bottom?   The turtles in the background are more hidden and well worth the efforts of finding them.
DD with Kailey
This is a picture of DD that I took on Easter with her matching Kailey doll.  They even had their hair the same, which was a bit of a challenge for yours truly, but worth that smile.  The next day DD was bummed she didn't have another matching outfit to wear.


stitchinpenny said...

Love the quilt. Isn't it amazing that little things in such a busy quilt make for beauty and wonder. I am so glad the doll turned out sp wonderfully for your daughter.

Vicki said...

The mermaid fabric looks great with the batiks. I like the name Tropical Waves, this is going to be a lovely quilt.

Your DD looks so very happy with her new doll and the matching outfits.

Heather Landry said...

She looks so very thrilled with the doll Liz! Definitely worth all of the time you spent hunting for her and fixing her up.

The new quilt is beautiful. I LOVE the name Tropical Waves. It's perfect!