April 15, 2011

Small Block Meets Tiny Quilt

3.5" Quilt -Coaster
After another debacle with the Patisserie Quilt, I started working on the 3.5" blocks for the Dresden Plate Quilt Border.  The first one I made was to small by a hair so I boosted my triangle size then I really got down to work.  While I made all 8 bitty blocks I thought about that one loner.  What to do with it?  Especially as my desire to make tiny blocks is non existant.  So then when I was wrapping everything up I realized I'd made a second extra, why not make a tiny quilt aka a coaster with them?  So here it is, the smallest quilt I've ever made. I'm planning on leaving it on DH's night stand and seeing what happens.  He really does need a coaster there.
3.5" Snowball Blocks for Border
The snowball blocks themselves actually turned out really well.  Being a bit oversized allowed me to square them up at 1/4" offsets from the points of the center fabric, which was better than trying to guess at an edge.  See I even added a pack of needles for reference.  Boy I hope they look good with those 18" Dresden Plate Blocks!  I haven't squared up the main quilt yet and for that matter my folded border will need ironed with whatever new iron I pick before I can progress very far with these.  I thought I might go ahead and sew a block to one end of each of the lighting bolt fabric strips, as it seems like it will save time later.
Quilt Love.
On a different note, remember your visit to my sewing room yesterday?  When you came face to face with a glaring Tiny?  Well I thought I'd post this picture to balance the other one out.  Now tell me how can you scat a cat clearly so relaxed!  I wish I could sleep that good!  And for the record she knows we can't resist her beautiful white belly and uses it against us regularly.

Were you wondering about Patisserie?  Well this is it's current fight.  The fusible didn't hold here and ended up with the quilt back sewed to itself.  Luckily the stitches picked out without to much trouble.
Fusible Batting, Right.


Vicki said...

Cute little quilt coaster.

Don't you just want to go and rub Tiny's little belly :-).

You certainly have had nothing but trouble with that fusible batting. I think I will stick with my 80 cotton / 20 poly warm and natural and deal with using the spray baste spray and pins.

Good luck fixing and continuing with the quilting.

stitchinpenny said...

Sorry about the fusible failure. I am very glad that it picked out easily. I hope all goes well and it finishes well.