April 21, 2011

Kailey's Basket

Newly Made Basket
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd like to make this basket for Kailey, my daughter's Easter doll.  I stalled pondering colors and also because I didn't want to start another project without making some headway on the quilts I'm already working on.  That was so wrong!

Patisserie's latest issue gave me the opportunity I'd been denying myself.  This little tote is adorable!  One side says DD's and the second side says Kailey.  I was concerned about it's ability to stand up, so I went crazy with the padding inside - it has two layers of Warm and White Batting, as well as a layer of tear away stabilizer - in between the batting layers that I put in for added stiffness.  The result is just to cute.  And makes me want sit and play dolls for the rest of the afternoon.

Basket Stands on it's own too!
Kailey is all ready for Easter.  She has been dressed in her Me and My Dollie Easter dress, complete with under things, and has been to the spa.  Okay, truth be told I sat down with her body parts while DH restrung her and cleaned them with q-tips, a tooth brush, and baking soda.  It worked great and her skin is a beautiful clean bronzed tan.  Last night I treated her hair to a Downy dunk and now it is much better.  The ends still aren't perfect but much of the rest of her hair has taken on a luster I'm sure it hasn't seen in years.  Pictures?  Are you kidding?  You have to wait until I post Easter pictures.  Sorry this close to Easter - and with a daughter that can now navigate to my blog...  You'll just have to wait.  I also took a bit of time to put in the original braids back into her bangs. At first I just sort of took a lock of hair that looked about right, but then I discovered the wig clearly shows which hair to take and which to leave, simply in the way it was woven.
Is Dad Mowing Again?

I have a collectible doll, it is numbered 1979B the year my mother married my father.  Kailey is the 2003-2004 American Girl Doll of the year, DH and I were married in 2003 so that makes Kailey extra special.

I tried to convince Tiny to give you a friendly look for this picture, but she just wouldn't have it.  Still she's our girl and we love her.


stitchinpenny said...

Can't wait for the pictures!

Heather Landry said...

Tiny looks ticked off! LOL Like how dare you interrupt my bird gazing Mom? The basket is awesome! The patterns are interesting and I love the embroidery. Such a cool project!