December 15, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming!

Have you hung your stockings with care?  Just this morning my five year old started screaming "11 more days until Christmas" when she spotted the construction paper ring garland she made in class at the beginning of the month.  Of course by this time on the 25th I'll be enjoying the hearty brunch that my sister has planned for us.  For dinner our numbers will swell and I'll have 8 so I'm planning on a nice smoked ham along with a couple of other things I can shove in the oven and forget about.
Our Tree
Our tree is decorated and most of the presents are wrapped.  The elves will round those up and place them under the tree on Christmas Eve so no need to worry about anyone snooping under the tree.
New Stocking
I even made a stocking to hang up with the others.  Nothing fancy just some beautiful fabrics from my friend Vicki, sewn double layered with french seams and then hand stitching the name.
Hung with Care
Do you have any family specific traditions?  We are a one present at a time house.  That means the presents all stay under the tree and are removed one gift at a time and given to the recipient to open.  Are some of you thinking how long your Christmas would take to do something like this?  Well DH and I love it as it allows us each to enjoy each moment.  Besides my favorite part is seeing the joy of someone receiving my gift (even if it is a fake smile the size of the Gulf of Mexico that looks like it was taped on with packing tape) and I'd miss that if we all ripped everything open madly.

I love the tranquility of the Christmas season.  It's hard to find in and among the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but you can smell the crisp clean love if you stop in the snow for just a moment (yes you have to forget about being cold for a moment), you can hear the peace as you pause in front of your Christmas Tree.  Don't believe me?  Close your eyes and breathe.  Ah now there it is.  Or was that the cat box you forgot to scoop?  Either way from my home to yours I wish you all the love and joy this holiday season has to offer.


Vicki said...

Great job on the Christmas stocking and good use of the fabric that I passed along.

QuiltSue said...

Love the stockings hanging up.

stitchinpenny said...

The Christmas spirit is so important. one gift at a time makes both the giver and receiver enjoy the gifts more.