December 17, 2010

Good Morning Florida!

This morning I turned my back for a moment to check on a fabric measurement and when I came back to the kitchen window it was Grand Central Station at my bird feeder.  These are red wing blackbirds (all males on the feeder) that I know from experience migrate through here each year.  My mother lives about 20 minutes North East of me and she had red breasted robins that visit her.  What do I get?  A Hoard of Red wing Blackbirds.  LOL our feeder has been so lonely for birds even an occasional dove has been welcomed.
Some couldn't stand to wait their turn and began picking ravenously at the ground.  Now will you believe me if I tell you these two pictures combined only show about half of the flock total?  When I noticed some were sitting on an empty bird bath I thought they might like a drink to go with all that food so I went out and filled it.  Being a flighty bunch they've left but I'm sure they'll be back.

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stitchinpenny said...

My husband feeds doves and blue jays with a tray full of dry cat food. He found out they liked it because he has a collection of outside cats and they would attack his cat feeder. That was a dangerous situation for both cats and birds thus the tray of cat food nailed to a fence post atop a 6 foot fence.