December 18, 2010

Gingerbread Tree

Earlier this month my daughter asked for a Gingerbread house kit.  So yesterday when I was out and about, I stopped and looked over the choices.  First up was a Gingerbread house - Traditional, but upon reading the "you will need list" my eyes glazed over and I knew that wasn't the answer.  Considering all the effort involved in a single house I knew the mini village wasn't for us either. After all we're first timers!  While it might be odd the third choice of lollipop style cookies didn't sit well with me.  It's not that I'm anti-lollipop but I'm not really pro-lollipop either.  Guess I just never cared for them as a kid.
What a smile for our Tree
Then came the Gingerbread Tree.  Sure we can make the tree!  After all there's no math and as trees lean you don't have to be perfectly careful so that's all good too.

Firstly I didn't read the directions.  Hey I read the box in the store that counts for something right?  After all I'd had a long day and my leg was angry enough that even my knee was hurting so we dug in and got started.  The first batch of icing I made per the directions but it was more like dried toothpaste than icing, so "I fixed it" and then didn't bother being so careful with the second bag of frosting.  Of course my thinning down made the frosting run, so it doesn't look like the picture but we had a good time.

This morning I even had one of the cookies.  I thought I was going to chip a tooth so I dipped it into my coffee biscotti style - now that was good.  Today I need to clean and I have a pair of lounge pants that need made for Christmas - wonder which will win my attentions?


stitchinpenny said...

What fun. The tree looks great and you shared with your daughter - all is right in the world.

AnnieO said...

Cute photo! I was never on board with the making of gingerbread projects at home---the kids made some in school with graham crackers glued to milk cartons but those were just for fun, not eating. Your tree is just great!