December 18, 2010

Both Win

If you were wondering; I think it's always best to sew first and then clean - that way you can get all those little threads cleaned up and you don't have to be very careful when picking out stitches.
Homemade Lounge Pants
These are lounge/sleep pants that I made for my bothers.  I made using "medium" measurements and I'll just add elastic and cuff them to suit their sizes.  Don't have those yet so these aren't quite done.  I made the salamander pair back the day before I made the teacher's tote, and then the little pine trees with reindeer (moose?) I made today.  While sewing I found myself in a nice rhythm so I went ahead and made a long sleeved flannel shirt for my daughter.  Now you can really see how little she is, that is a size 6 top and to me it looks like she dug through someone else's clothes.  Oh yes, I made the skirt she is wearing as well but that was some time ago.
That empty plate did have an overly large (for dd) sized portion of my meatloaf along with everything else I served for dinner.  Wolf Gone!  I did get to my cleaning - those dust lions needed evicted and shortly after I finished I dropped the bird food container and it hit the floor in a nice mess so I cleaned that up too.  I think I'm done cleaning for a day or three.  
My Girl
Hope you're having a great weekend!


QuiltSue said...

Sounds like you had a constructive - apart from dropping the bird feeder.

Your daughter is so pretty, her smile is gorgeous.

stitchinpenny said...

The bird food container was the only thing that kept it from being a perfect day, so that is pretty great!

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow! So productive!