December 05, 2010

All Caught Up

I am now all caught up with the Freemotion Quilt-a-Long.  I hadn't realized I'd gotten so far behind!  So I happily stitched scallops, vines, meanders, and attempted some feathers.  I did not do the echo work except to embellish within the quilting I was practicing because I feel quite confident with echos.
Random Vine grows a nice flower!
 The best part about the vines was putting flowers on the end.  Some of these turned out quite nice even if my brain panics a bit at having to quilt a flower?!?!?!
Puzzle Piece Quilting
Next I made these little puzzle pieces.  On the front size the strip is just the width of those pieces so they really look like a line of pieces running the length of the strip.  These little pieces are a meander variation, I think they would look quite nice on a baby blanket, stitched row after row would add the tops and bottoms that appear to be missing in my strip from this backside view.
Meandering around the butterflies
Remember those butterflies that I stitched around?  I wasn't sure what to do with the empty space so when it came time to practice my meanders I went ahead and added them around the butterflies. The effect is nice.

Currently the quilt is about 2/3rds quilted.  At one point it was mentioned we should have our quilt halfway quilted at that point, but as I was never certain in the beginning where to stitch what I just sewed things where I thought they fit and looked good.  I wish all of you could cuddle this quilt the quilting makes it so inviting.  I have it positioned where I can see it often and the way the quilting pops is really nice.

Don't forget you still have a bit of time to get in any extra entries for the giveaway.  All of my non-Canadian non-US followers can feel free to enter as well, because I have a plan for you if you win!  ;-)


Vicki said...

Your free motion quilting is coming along wonderfully. I love the puzzle piece quilting, that looks so neat.

QuiltSue said...

Your quilting is looking sooooo good. You must be very happy with it and with yourself. I specially like the flower.

Mimi said...

I wish I were brave enough to free motion quilt... maybe I should seriously think about taking a few lessons. Your work is beautiful!

Heather Landry said...

I could never ever do that! Your quilting is lovely Liz. This quilt is shaping up wonderfully!

Stephanie said...

Oh so pretty! Love it.