April 24, 2013

Mandala Quilt Status Check Pictures

Just this morning I finished sewing the strips of the Kaleidoscope blocks together, from here I plan to border around in the black, likely the same with as the strips shown and then who knows?  Any ideas?
Hexagon Kaleidoscope Blocks Center
While I was taking pictures it occurred to me that I haven't showed you the Mandala front since adding the most recent border of half square triangles.
Mandala Quilt front with latest HST border 
Mandala Quilt weaving borders view
The above side view is the reason behind all of those small half square triangles.  See how the border stripes appear to wave through the quilt?  I'm planning to quilt Celtic knots over these to further emphasize the woven effect.  At first this was challenging and I constantly needed to look back to my EQ files, but as I worked it became clear this technique has two sweet spot corners. This corner and the one opposite.  Just as with any sweet spot starting here causes order to become obvious and with a little help from DD sewing the borders became much more natural.

Hope you enjoyed this little update.


Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Looking great! This is becoming a really a beautiful quilt.

QuiltSue said...

How about adding a striped border, like you have on the other side - after all, you know how much you love doing the HST's!