April 20, 2013

Kaleidoscope Blocks Stripping together

I ran into a little bit of a problem working on my hexagon Kaleidoscope Blocks yesterday.  The problem was simple.  My mind told me I was making octagons, when really six sides makes a hexagon.  So I did some online digging and found the answer to my issue on a blog called Prosperity Stuff Quilts.  You see, it seems that some quilters who venture into Kaleidoscopes Blocks make many, many, quilts using this technique and have more than one for a newbie like me to drool glance over.   
About half of my Kaleidoscope Blocks
First I laid out my blocks as you can see above.  Each row represents two rows as I have them stacked as "sort of match" pairs.  We're headed for 6 rows total. 
First Strip of Blocks Together
DD said "wow" under her breath when she saw my first strip.  I took it as a wonderful heartfelt compliment, especially when she wanted her picture taken with it.

Second Row!
I couldn't stop, the blocks might get out of order you know, thereby I just had to finish up the second strip before she went to bed.  Can you see why I say these are "sort of matched" rows?


Vicki said...

Yes you definitely have some drool factor going on here yourself. These blocks look amazing.

Belinda said...

That quilt is going to be a knockout! I'm anxious to see it all put together!

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Your kaleidoscopes are beautiful! Glad my blog pics could be a bit of inspiration. Now you've got me wanting to do kaleidoscopes with a gorgeous dark background like yours!