April 08, 2013

Good to the Last Selvage

Fusions Selvages for Organizing
I have a confession.  I adore seeing what other quilters have done with their fabric selvages.  It's a secret hobby of mine.  I've been following Karen at Selvage Blog for years!  At first I collected my selvages for a fellow quilter, but now I keep them for myself.  I always figured I'd like to make a spider web quilt some day.  Perhaps like this one.  Yet recently my serger has been working over time dumping thread bits all over my lap as I sew.  Sure I could be more careful about being tidy, but instead I've been lusting for my own Serger Thread Collection Bag.  The more I looked, the more dull and boring I thought they all were.  Really, why use a single fabric when instead I could make it to would showcase something I really love?

I started on this little sewing machine organizer yesterday using the selvages from the blue Fusions fabrics my friend Vicki gave me when I first took over my spare bedroom and made it a sewing studio.  A sewing room warming gift if you will.  Most of those fabrics were made into the waves of my Children of the Sea Quilt but I quietly kept the selvages, knowing someday I'd use them.
Selvage Sewing Machine Organizer and Thread Catcher
Vicki is always a wonderful inspiration to me when I'm dreaming up new projects - or trying to figure out how to quilt them so perhaps I should place the phone in one of those pockets?

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QuiltSue said...

That's a brilliant way of using them. Did you have a pattern or did the idea come from your own brain?

Vicki said...

What a great idea for using the selvages and I love how all those blues look so great together.

Selvage Quilter said...

Great job! Those blue selvages are beautiful, and they "go" with your sewing machine too. :)

Dawn said...

Very cute!

stitchinpenny said...

Saw this on the Selvage Blog today - expanding your horizons!