December 17, 2012

First Package of the Season

Tiny my Wrapping Elf
Merry Christmas!

How is the holiday season treating you?  We seem to be running in slow motion.  I wrapped our first presents last week for my friend that I make the dog dresses for.   What did I give her?  Dog Dresses of course.  The first one is a fleece one that I made two of (cut from the same fabric but turned out very different) with one going to a dog my mom knows and the other to my friend.  Then the purple dress, I actually made in November and it was just so pretty I couldn't part with it for the normal rate so my friend Vicki suggested it as a Christmas gift.  Both Dresses were wrapped in tissue paper and then into their own wrapping paper packages.  I had lots of help from Tiny!

Christmas Gifts of Dog Dresses
Do you have anything wrapped up under your tree yet?  Mom always maintains a tree with nothing under it looks naked, but personally with pets and DD asks silly questions about whose is whose, it's easier to leave off the wrapping for a little bit.  I actually wondered if I would hold off and let the elves bring the presents on the 24th...  But really all the wrapping needs done before DD is out of school for Christmas Break - right?


stitchinpenny said...

I used to wrap empty boxes and put them under the tree because I could actually make very fancy wrapping and just consider it decoration. I used to do handmade bows and double ribbons and drapes and the old trick of combining 2 wrapping papers that coordinated. It was fun and pretty, but now I barely wrap anything. My big wrapping experience this year was 4 angel tree gifts. The kids want money and the grand kids I haven't really thought about.

QuiltSue said...

I'm glad you had help with the wrapping!

Heather Landry said...

Those dresses will make beautiful presents! I agree with your Mom. A tree with no presents under it looks naked!!

Vicki said...

The purple dress looks like a fancy New Years party dress for Mocha. So she will be ready to ring in the New Year ;-).