December 21, 2012

Christmas Teach-In Quilt

Great American Teach-In Quilt
Detail of DD's picture
My theme for this year's Great American Teach-In  was "What makes me Me".  I was very impressed with Spoonflower's new color profile as it captured the children's drawings just as they had drawn them.  With no shift and nice texture.  DD said it was like I took all the drawings and sewed them together.

I wrapped the quilt in a pretty pink bag and off it went to school today for the Teacher.  Next year I'm thinking perhaps I'd like do have the children make a small project, likely with fabric that they could take home.  The rush of making a quilt last minute, right before Christmas like this really doesn't suit how I'm making quilts these days.  

Our Tree With Packages
I mentioned my Christmas tree in my last post and you all were just the push I needed to have DD help me wrap up DH's presents, of course because I had everything out, so I just flowed from wrapping gifts for one person to another and another. 

Tiny is coming for Christmas.
Our School doesn't do a traditional Christmas program as I recall from years gone by, but she reads to a really great group called Tail Waggin' Tutors (they are an international program staffed with amazing owners, and fully trained therapy dogs), this was her second Christmas party with them and they did a wonderful job.  The below picture is DD singing and signing in Sign Language.
Sing and Sign
We are all ready for Christmas and just in time to, with the cold front sweeping the nation.  How are you on your Christmas Shopping and Wrapping?  Only 4 days left you know.

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