December 01, 2012

Equal and Opposite

All things are obey the laws of physics.  Especially quilting.  Now hold on there and let me explain.  For each and every action a quilter takes that quilter has a opposite reaction that will also happen.  For example.  A quilter takes a quilting class and learns a new technique.  The results?  You'll either be swearing off ever doing that again, or you'll certain to be making something that utilizes what you learned.

Take for example my friend Sue.  She thought she would border out her Lone Star Quilt with friendship blocks.  The results?  Having to make 56 friendship blocks.

My personal example is this.  If you make a huge border and fill it with applique...  You'll have a lot of applique to quilt!  Remember all that Wisteria?  Uh hu.  Remember all those leaves?  Remember there being no good way to travel through all that quilting?  Yep hours and hours of quilting.  And so many starts and stops I was actually having to cut my jumpers to quilt within the each new area.  What a challenge!  I told DD that I promise not to take on another contract quilt for a (long) while.  She paid me no mind one way or the other.  I'm not sure if she didn't believe me or not.   But thankfully I can say that I now have every speck of Wisteria quilted.  No, I can't show it to you.  The threads aren't tucked, and it looks - oh such a sight!  Which is more to my physics point.  It doesn't look pretty yet so I don't want to show you.

All of my sewing meant that I missed my Lone star Quilt-a-long day.  Thankfully I wasn't hostessing hu?  Anyway I don't have anything to show.  I had thought I'd dig out the Fabrico pens and see if I could get a bit more ink out of them.  But really, didn't you notice?  It's December 1st!  That means it's 23 days until Christmas!    ACK!  Someone slow down Santa!


Jayne Honnold said...

I did miss you, Elizabeth! But I certainly understand your being busy with more important matters. We are a very loosely formed group, here, so we know you'll get to that Lone Star at some point!

I need Santa to slow down, too.

QuiltSue said...

and next Saturday is the Christmas QAL. The date will be the 8th, so there will then only be 2 weeks till Christmas!! There, did that make you feel better?

stitchinpenny said...

No slowing Christmas, but I wish you very productive days. Can't wait to see your quilt.