June 02, 2012

Welcome to Our Mad Hatter Tea Party

Now, now, you mustn't lurk in door ways!  
Oh wait Wrong Movie!

March Hare: (in an encouraging tone) Have some wine.
Alice: (looking down the table) I don't see any wine...
March Hare: There isn't any. And you're too young.
Alice: Then it wasn't very kind of you to offer it!

March Hare: It wasn't very kind of YOU to sit down without an invitation! This is a PRIVATE soirée...
Alice: Well, I know it wasn't polite to barge in when I know I wasn't invited. But the table was laid out for a great many people.

  Now I've gotten it, shall we get on with our party?
Who needs caught up?  Here we go.
Remember when I was like this?
Then I came up with the beautiful scrolling border for the Lone Star it felt like I'd discovered a whole new world.
And when I finished the last glow block and felt more like this!
Now Drum Roll Please - Oh wait, we forgot to pass out the TEA!!!!
I have cups for everyone!  Grab yours before the Cat gets it!
One for you.
Here's another!
No grabbing, I'm getting to you! 
Now see you weren't patient and the cat got yours.
Do you have one yet?
Nope?  Guess we'll have to share.  (leaning back in over sized lime green chair and crossing legs)  Now the way I see it is this, if you've made it this far it's either because you adore me, or you want to see the Lone Star center all put together.  Or I suppose you're a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and Google dumped you here on accident as that does happen.  No matter we must get on with our party.
Remember now this is just my star, I haven't purchased the fabric for the scrolling border yet, so we might have to have another party...  Ta Da!

Now leave a comment, and by all means, whatever you do, don't tell the governness you were here!

All products made and produced by the exclusively by and for the Walt Disney Company and can be purchased on their website.  And in case you were wondering they had nothing to do with this post.


Donna said...

Your STAR is amazing! This will be a beautiful quilt.

Dana Gaffney said...

Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous, all that hard work was so worth it! (easy for me to say). I hope you're bursting with pride, wow, wow, wow.

QuiltSue said...

I'll be along soon for some tea. Your quilt looks absolutely stunning. I love your version with the rays in the central colour.

Jayne Honnold said...

What an accomplishment!! This is quite impressive! You have every right to be bursting at the seams with pride over such a stupendous achievment!! Heck, even I'm proud of it!! :-)

stitchinpenny said...

Sorry I am so late, but errands happened!