June 23, 2012

First Guild Meeting

Beginning of River Quilt
Well after 4 years and about three months of quilting, I went to my first Quilt Guild meeting.  I'm still on the fence about joining, but they are having a challenge and all participants quilts will hang in the River of Threads at the local Art Gallery, and do you have any idea how floored I would be to have a quilt hung in a gallery?  Not just any quilt but my quilt?

Requirements are a mini quilt - no bigger than a fat quarter to depict a scene from a Florida river.  The river must flow left to right, and be between 2" and 5" at the entrance and exit of the quilt.  So guess what I'm working on.  Yep.  You guessed it, the aforementioned art quilt.   I have several hours in so far and there are clearly many more to go but I believe it is a good start.

This has a solid muslin first layer with the details all turned edge and pinned in place.  I am planning to quilt this rather densely allowing the movement of the quilting to add depth.  Any thoughts?


Debbie said...

Oh...I love your your river quilt...how fun. I have only been to one guild meeting in my area...I know several ladies in the guild but I also know there are some "divisions," in the group so I just decided to wait a while and see if those calm down someday. I think they had a big turn over recently in their board so maybe it has some potential now.

Vicki said...

This is going to be an interesting quilt. Are you planning on putting some Florida wildlife into the scene such as an aligator, Florida panther, or perhaps a crane? Or manybe some native plants or flowers?

Dana Gaffney said...

I'm interested in hearing your take on the guild, but I agree, make the art quilt and see it hanging in a gallery, awesome!