June 17, 2012

Christmas Quilt-a-long June Catch-up

Christmas Quilt-a-long
Mystery Quilt Layout Option
Would you believe I have so many things that I need/want to sew that I made a list?  I sure did.  I was tired of keeping track of priorities in my head.  As I'm about halfway through with the list I made on Saturday, that's pretty good.  Though I've thought of at least two more things to add to the list.  Oh well so we sew right?

Today's catch up is for the Christmas Quilt-a-long Mystery Quilt, the directions for this month show how to finish the block and then to sew all blocks together as desired.  Yep, got to love Sue for that.  It's getting late at least for me and I have been envisioning a design within a design for this quilt, so I thought I would try out my favorite layout of the ones Sue showed on Saturday.  Here it is in my blocks.  They clearly aren't sewn together.  I figure this way I can first see them through the lens of the camera and then tomorrow look at them all spread out on the sewing table and see how I like it.  As for me right now I'd like nothing more than to go curl up in bed with a book, which I'll be doing here in about 15 minutes.

Opps, I had a block turned wrong for this layout, can you spot it?


QuiltSue said...

I love your blocks in that layout. It makes the blue stand out against the green beautifully.

Donna said...

Your layout looks great!