February 04, 2012

Lone Star Support Group Session 2

Lone Star Diamonds Laid Out
Good Morning Everyone.  My coffee has gone cold this morning while puttering around.  I have good news.  The Star piecing of my Lone Star is done, as some of you already know.  I'm holding off on piecing it together yet because I have a method that will let me skip the Y-steams, I made a tutorial that you can find here.

Lone Star Quilt Layout Sketch
So now on to the background!  I'm not sure about the background color.  I'm thinking a cream, or maybe a brown if I found the perfect fabric.  I'd like to make eight paper pieced blocks for my background pieces creating rays that will radiate out from my star.  Currently I like the idea of using a cream background with hot pink/fuchsia rays with teal rays in between.  My dear friend Vicki found these free New York Beauty blocks, and my current favorite for this quilt it Block #8.  I've only ever done one single paper pieced block and I had a hard time with the rough cut sizes to sew and fold, so hopefully this time it will come more easily.  Vicki's math figures I need to increase the size of the blocks 225% which shouldn't be a problem as I will either scale it up myself or print it out normally and ask the copy place to increase it for me.  Your amount of increase could vary depending on your star, though I'm certain if you want to make these blocks too just ask for help and someone can figure out the math.  There was something else I wanted to say but I'll just have to share it later in the day because I can't recall what it was right now, as I am to excited to see what everyone else is up to.  It was so much fun last month to trot around the blogosphere and see what everyone has done and where your at.  I'm looking forward to another great day.  Today we're linking up at Jaynes.
Lone Star Center Detail
I actually only started this star at the end of December, and I'm using a free strip pieced method that I found and you can get it here.  If you'd like to see my past progress just click here and scroll down though my Lone Star Quilt posts.


QuiltSue said...

Your star is absolutely stunning. I just hope mine is half as good.

Aunt Spicy said...

that is just stunning! wow! I mean, it is really beautiful!