November 08, 2011

Quilting Peppermint Burst Quilt

The Peppermint Burst Quilt and I didn't see eye to eye when I was piecing the border.  I had plenty of seam ripping to do.  So much so that when I was done I simply loaded it onto the quilt frame without taking a picture.    I have started quilting the border.  The pink has a swirled candy cane and the cream colored fabric has a little gingerbread man in each segment of the peppermint twist.  Yes I meandered behind them I couldn't see myself.  The inner border is again swirls which remind me of chocolate carmel drops.


Hazel said...

Wow - I love the gingerbread men and the lollipops! The quilting really compliments the design.

stitchinpenny said...

Love your quilting. you are so good at that.

Vicki said...

The gingerbread men are so cute!!!! The swirled candy canes are whimsical. Great job.