November 15, 2011

My Visitor Before the Teach-In

The Great America Teach-In is tomorrow and I think I'm ready.  This is how I envision the strips to come together.  The top will be prairie point binding to give the crayons their points.  I will be adding a fabric to the bottom of the quilt of a currently unknown color and appliqueing a pencil in the teacher's favorite color with her name and the class information on it.  It is sure to be a fun time.  The quilting is my favorite part of this quilt as I will be quilting each child's name onto their selected strip so instead of a traditional crayon label it will be the child's name stitched onto the fabric they liked best tomorrow.
This morning while waiting for the bus to come I spotted a visitor on my neighbor's fence.  I think it was going after a snake the way it danced around on the ground.  This hawk stayed long enough for all of the children at the bus stop to see it and better yet long enough for me to run inside after the bus departed to take these pictures for you.  This is a fully mature red shouldered hawk and likely a year round resident here.  Still it is amazing to see such a powerful hunter so close up.  I'm so glad cameras have zoom!


Debbie said...

Wow...I love your hawk photos!

Vicki said...

The crayon quilt is going to be a really neat project. Have fun tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing the hawk photos. I love hawks. We have various kinds of hawks here in the city. With all our green space and the ravines they have all kinds of nice prey to hunt.

stitchinpenny said...

Love the concept of a crayon quilt for the class. Your pictures of the hawk are so neat. When i opened this we had just gotten off the phone with my daughter who had taken pictures of an owl who was snake hunting in her company's large area surrounding the building.