November 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt-Along November: Evening Wrap Up

Can you work on another quilt?  Those were the words my daughter uttered to me when I came in to call on her Barbie mess, so that she might move it to another room so I could reload the Peppermint Quilt.  Now seeing as she always does everything I ask of her even if I have to ask three times I thought okay, but what else can I do?  That's when I saw Halicha's post in which she made Christmas Tree ornaments.  It sounded like fun and hers were so cute.

I should stop here and say I'm not crafty.  People start talking about glue and scissors and see my birdhouse from sand?  And a part of me freezes over and my eyes glaze.  That's because I'm trying to figure out not only how much I need to pay out to buy the scissors glue and sand but how much I really need to get because I'll have to make it 10 times before it looks half that good.  But I though this would just be a simple bit of sewing and I can do that, right?  Ummm, WRONG.  LOL!
Handmade Ornaments
Firstly I couldn't find a pattern, and then I thought I could wing it.  But I wasn't sure so I started with a 3" square of fabric, and made HSTs of it.  But they looked to big, so I put them back together and made them again.  Now they looked really really way to small, but I was going for small and cute so surely everything was going to be okay. I start sewing them together.  Not to bad, the top part looks okay.   But then came time to cut the backing and deal with the binding.  That's when I discovered my "cute little ornaments" are 2" square.  Not 2.5" but 2" flat.  How in the word do you bind something of that size?

So anyway here they are.  If I bothered to figure out my time on them they would surely be in the top 10 most expensive ornaments in the house. At least they are done and there's no trace over 1/4" scraps left of them to nag me.  
Peppermint Border Quilting
Thankfully around the time I was finishing up the 6th one DD was done and wanted to play on the computer.  Hooray!  So I loaded the Peppermint Quilt back on the frame sideways and set about quilting the side borders.  I made it nearly all the way down the first side when I started having a tension issue.  Rather than deal with it I walked away to make dinner.  That was the perfect choice as I've since realized that when I changed the bobbin the thread much have slipped out of the proper path when I was putting the bobbin case back in.  So now I need to unpick a red stripe.  I started already but the light isn't good enough for that this late at night so I will go back to it tomorrow.  Thanks so much for joining me today, I'm glad to have been able to join you this year and I'm looking forward to a 3rd great year next year.

Now before you go I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by today.  The Peppermint Quilt and I haven't seen eye to eye through it's creation and all of your comments today really helped to bolster my self reflection.  Thank you.


QuiltSue said...

What cute little ornaments, but I can see what a difficult job it must have been to bind something that tiny.

Often, walking away from a problem for a while is the best thing to do, but it takes self-control to be able to do it. At least you caught the problem early, and only have one stripe to unsew - imagine if it had been the whole border.

See you for next year's parties.

Hazel said...

Haha - you sound like you were going crosseyed with those ornaments! Well done for persevering - I suspect that they would have been thrown across the room if it was me!

They're lovely, so it was worthwhile in the end!