November 02, 2011

Peppermint Burst Quilt 1st border on

I've been steadily working on the Peppermint Burst Quilt.  Today I finished sewing the blocks together and sewed on the first border.  It seems like this quilt is one of those challenges. Thanks to Sue's directions the blocks were easy and all assembly line pieced.  But that sashing?  Goodness Gracious!  First when I thought I was done with the center I discovered I left the sashing off the upper left and lower right blocks of  one row, and then I found a pink square at the edge of the quilt sewn in where it didn't belong.  Thankfully I discovered these when I was taking pictures and was able to fix each thing before moving on, that way I only had a some seam ripping to do and we all know it could have been worse!  The 6" Peppermint border is the next and final border and I think I'll start that tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Great progress...can't wait to see the peppermint border.

QuiltSue said...

You haven't been hanging around, have you? It looks great and will look wonderful with the Peppermint border.