September 14, 2011

Sewing Room Cats

Here are my two Sewing Room cats. As I've told some of you Sunny likes to sleep on the line. Nearly committed but not really. That line of decorative tile is the threshold of the sewing room. To far in to close the door. Tiny is fully committed but Sunny not so much. This is as close as they will ever sleep together. My cats are not like those lovely curled up cat balls you see sleeping on the Internet. I love them and their visits regardless.


Hazel said...

Never get tired of cat pics! :-)

Typical behaviour sitting in the doorway - other favourite right-in-the-way places for my two are at the top of the stairs, the bottom of the stairs or the bathroom doorway...and don't *move* when someone wants to come by, will ya, kitty??

Vicki said...

So in reality Tiny isn't all that tiny, at least by this picture she looks almost as big as Sunny.

Fergie and Jordie also rarely sleep together and if they are near each other there usually is a couple of feet between them.

QuiltSue said...

Do cats have an inbuilt sensor that tells them where the most in-the-way- place is? They all seem to do that don't they? I know Dot is beginning to think that sitting on my keyboard is a great place to sit.