September 08, 2011

Scatty Stars is Quilted!

I just finished quilting the Scatty Stars Quilt from the Christmas Quilt-a-long.  I've been trying to make the binding for it, but I keep putting the pieces together backwards for reasons unknown so posting to you seemed like a good break.

After much thought and consideration I settled on flowers and swirls for the quilting.  There are Zinnia/Daisy type flowers, as well as orchids. Once that was decided the actual quilting went rather quickly and I was able to finish it the same day I settled on my design.

Using the mid arm is becoming more natural and as each quilt is unpinned from the frame my arms breathe a sigh of relief that I didn't have to quilt it on my Elna with a mere 6 1/4" throat space. I'm not sure which quilt will go on the frame next.  Any suggestions?


stitchinpenny said...

Love the quilting. What is the throat size on your quilting machine? I think it is the same size as mine, but I am not sure.

QuiltSue said...

This looks fabulous. You're the first one to finish. I really must get mine bordered during tomorrow's quiltalong.

Vicki said...

Very nice job, it must feel good to have that one quilted.

Debbie said...

A great quilt. Did you freehand the quilt design? I love how you put so much attention into your backings!