September 05, 2011

A New Step Forward with Bows!

Yesterday was a wonderful milestone for DD.  She says "okay" so I can tell you all about it.  Granted I would have told you anyway...  DD learned to tie her shoes.  Isn't that delightful?  Long since gone are the days when the school would teach them so it's taken a bit for everything to come together for her, and I'm so proud of her.  You see my mother brought over one of those learning to tie books and while it didn't teach the method I use, the two colored strings really helped her see not only how the book did it, but how I'd been attempting to teach her and then it clicked.  That click is so wonderful I just had to share.  DD looks so goofy happy in the bottom picture, I could have snapped it a second later and had a nicer pic, but this is what I captured.
Not doing much sewing this weekend.  Instead were just enjoying being together, while the back of my brain fusses over how to quilt what I want on Scatty Stars.

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QuiltSue said...

Congrats to your daughter. That's a real milestone. My grandsons both struggled before finally getting it when they were about 8. We think it's cos they are both lefties, so neither their mother or I (both right-handers) could teach them, and their father finally had to step in and do it.